Renovation 2011 (11.12.11)

11 December 2011

Hi Followers,

First of all, thank you for your patient wait during this 'renovation period'.

From 11 December 2011, “Go Discover” has officially been renamed as “M.a.p.”. This is to illustrate the relationship that “Go Discover” is the predecessor project of my degree Final Year Project (FYP) “M.a.p.”; and the introduction of "My Memories" and "My Imagination" sections for each district.

As of 11.12.11, I have completed revising the following section:
1. Editing the "Geography" section for all districts.
2. Re-defining the boundaries of neighbourhoods for all districts.

1. Compile the "Statistics" for each district. (31.12.11)
2. Writes the "Abstract" for each district. (31.12.11)
3. Edit the "Toponymics" for each district. (31.12.11)
4. Edit the "History" for each district. (31.3.12)
5. Upload pictures for each district. (31.5.12)
6. Drawing of Singapore Map (31.5.12)
7. Drawing of Town Map for each district (31.5.12)
8. Writes detailed description for each neighbourhood for each district. (31.7.12)
9. Writes "My Memories" for each district. (31.7.12)
10. Draw maps from "My Imagination" for each district. (31.7.12)

The expected date of completion for the 3rd Edition of "M.a.p." will be 31 July 2012. Do hope you are anticipating for a better change.

Yours Sincerely,
Boon Ping

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